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Sep 11, 2012 9:00pm PDT
of the united states? will evangelicals give him their vote? >> and fight for freedom. we update you on the pakistanian girl arrested for blasphemying the koran. >> hello everyone i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. hurricane isaac brought a deluge of water to the u.s. gulf coast. the storm lingered over new orleanss, parts of the gulf coast for more than a day. isaac dropped rain and a million house holds and louisiana and mississippi as well lost power. >> now the long road to recovery begins, cbn's operation blessing is on the grown in the hardest hit areas. reporter efrem graham was there, too. >> reporter: a flood wall separates st. bernards parish from plaquemines parish. flood waters are higher than most homes. >> we were supposed to be moving in next month. might be a delay now. >> becky and husband have spent years fixing one of the homes. >> believe it or not there was less water during katrina than now. >> i am standing on top of a levee eight to nine feet. there is a breach in that levee right here. it runs six to seven feet deep. >> the levee authority ca
Sep 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. for us, mitt romney, candidate for president of the united states. romney, former businessman and governor of massachusetts. he is also a member of the church of ladder day saints. he is not so different from other people of other faiths. >> we were mormons. my friends cared more about what sports teams we followed than what church we went to. >> mr. romney faces president barack obama in the november presidential election. he pledged to create 12 million new jobs. he promised to protect life, honor traditional marriage and stand firmly for religious liberty. >> former arkansas mike huckabee ran for president in 2008. he told the convention that policies count more than religion in electing a president. >> of the four people on the two tickets, the only self-professed evangelical is barack obama. he supports changing the definition of marriage, believes human life is exposeable and expendable at any time in the womb even beyond the womb and tells people of faith they have a bow their knees to the god of government and violate their faith for health care. i care far less as to wher
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2